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Have you seen the newest newhalf on our site, Rina? This Japanese shemale is hot and I already know she’s going to be quite popular with the guys. I mean, come on! Look at her! She looks like a cute school girl you might see on the subway,  the one you hope will brush against you as she walks by a tight area. Her smell is hypnotic and her smile would have you do anything for her! Look at that bulge in her panties, holding back that wild cock of hers.

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Wednesdays just got a little more bearable thanks to slutty Japanese shemale secretary Sayaka on Shemale Japan. Wearing a skimpy business suit and bright red fishnet stockings, she’ll brighten the day of any gloomy salary man. As she finishes her cigarette, she can feel your eyes on her. She pushes her hand against her soft cock and with each tug, she gets harder and harder. This slutty newhalf secretary signs all officially documents with her t-cock, using her sweet jizz as ink!

slutty newhalf secretary sayaka

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On Shemale Japan, we have a new post-op tranny named Yumi. Any time we get a new addition to the site, it’s a great treat, but this one is extra special. Yumi had SRS surgery about two years and has since gotten married and works as a full-time nurse. Nobody knows her secret and because she’s so passable!  Yumi admits she’s kind of slut and has sucked off some of her patients before. Although she loves her husband, she loves the feeling of having a different man’s cock in her tight, wet mouth.

Post-Op Tranny YumiPost Op Tranny Yumi