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Wednesday, February 02nd, 2011 | Author:

I’m not big on bondage, but if I had Japanese shemale Lisa as my mistress I’d let her to do all kinds of nasty things to me. Her latest on Shemale Japan is for the S&M lover in you! Wearing fishnet stockings and wielding a leather riding crop!

Lisa is one of the newest performers on our site. She has a half Japanese half /Spanish mother, and a half Japanese half American father, which makes her half Japanese. Having moved to/visited more than 15 countries due to her father’s job assignments Lisa is a very worldly girl. Her favorite places on earth are Paris and Hawaii. And her next travel destination is the French territory the islands of New Caledonia.


Monday, November 15th, 2010 | Author:

Princess Newhalf AikoPrincess Shemale Aiko showing her cock

Sound the trumpets! Announcing princess newhalf Aiko! Okay, so she’s technically not a princess, but there is definitely something regal about her. She is just one of the many new additions to Shemale Japan. Photographer Hiro is dedicated to finding the hottest Japanese shemales in Japan. He will search high and low for these t-girls! Better yet, a lot of the newhalves he finds decide to make their media debut here on Shemale Japan!

Friday, October 15th, 2010 | Author:

Japanese Shemale YukiYuki Sucking a Dildo

My apologies for not blogging sooner, my friends. There were so many sex newhalves that I think I just wanted to keep them to myself. I mean, would you want to share sexy Japanese shemale Yuki with anyone? I didn’t think so. Well, Yuki is one of our newest additions to Shemale Japan. In the short time that she’s been on the site, she has already caused quite a stir. Especially this set, featuring her in an Alice in Wonderland type costume. She pulls up her dress to reveal her massive boner and bends over to give us a peek at that tight she-hole of hers. I’d go down the rabbit hole with her anytime!

For more hot Japanese newhalves, go to Shemale Japan!

Monday, August 30th, 2010 | Author:

Japanese Shemale Mai getting her cocked sucked

Japanese shemale MAI really needs to know how to take a cock. I think because she’s shy, she’s a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of this hardcore scene. It’s like she doesn’t know how to enjoy herself, but when her guy starts sucking her off, she lets herself enjoy the moment and gets really kinky! Her tight little she-hole really gets plowed and she fucking loves it.

She is also so petite and passable that not a single customer has ever clocked her as a newhalf at work. She hangs out mostly with genetic girls among whom she blends in totally naturally. For her to model nude (and get fucked on camera!) on Shemale Japan it is quite a big deal. MAI left her hometown Aomori (Japan`s northern-most prefecture famous for its apples) for Tokyo when she was 18!

Japanese shemale Mai getting her nipples lickedJapanese newhalf Mai getting fucked from behind


Monday, July 19th, 2010 | Author:

asian shemales

Frank’s TGirl World has reached a very notable milestone–there are now 800 UNIQUE models on his website! Frank travels the world to find the hottest shemales and deliver them to us so we don’t have to! There is a wide variety  of girls on his site, so it’ll be easy for you to find a t-girl no matter what kind of mood you’re in.

What you’ll love is that Frank LOVES spending time in Asia. He travels frequently to Bangkok and always finds the hottest shemales there, petite and extremely horny for the camera. If you’re looking for a bit of variety to your shemale loving ways, Thai trannies are sexy and admittedly eager to please!

Congratulations to Frank’s TGirl World! And even after passing the 800 model mark, you can bet he’s already pushing ahead to meet his next goal!

Frank's TGirl WorldFrank's TGirl World Asian Ladyboys


Saturday, June 19th, 2010 | Author:

Japanese Shemale Reina Himesaki

Hubba, hubba! Check out that beautiful Japanese newhalf, Reina Himesaki! This teen shemale just seems to get more beautiful with age.  In her latest update on Shemale Japan, Reina is dressed up as the horny little rabbit that she is! You know that expression, fucking like rabbits? Well, I’m pretty sure that newhalf Reina does that saying proud. With her nipples peaking out of her tight corset, you can bet this horny little bunny has sex on the mind.

ReinaHimesaki8.hiro.009Japanese shemale Reina


Thursday, May 13th, 2010 | Author:

Japanese Bondage Shemale ReinaJapanese Newhalf Reina

I’m not exactly sure why a Japanese shemale mistress like Reina Shiranui would be in a pool hall, but I’m way to distracted by her lingerie to think about it too hard. I have all these scenarios of Reina using that cock of hers to play pool, knocking those balls into all the pockets.

Mistress Reina Shiranui is always on her nation-wide tours. Although she usually does not do nudity photo-shoots, she made an exception for us for the first time to show her penis and ass-pussy.  28 yr old Reina has baby smoth skin under dominatrix outfit. Her body is very shapely, her penis hard and straight, and her countenance resolute. She is into all things S&M including whipping, slave-training,and other kinky things that you will ONLY see on Shemale Japan!

Japanese Shemale Reina


Tuesday, March 02nd, 2010 | Author:

Japanese Newhalf Cosplay

Lookie lookie what I found! Apparently these are male waiters who are wearing women’s clothes for a new cafe opening in Tokyo. I find it hard to believe that bunch of male waiters could pull off this newhalf look so convincingly. I mean seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised to know that some of ’em have at least dressed in cosplay drag before.

Think we could convince any of these guys to leave on the cute dress and pose for us on Shemale Japan?

Dressing up in female animation characters by men had been a kind of “taboo” even with  Akihabara’s “Otaku” culture followers, but as the culture expands more widely, a variety of styles have been accepted.

Japanese Newhalf Cafe

Japanese Newhalf Cafe

Japanese Cosplay

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 | Author:

japanese shemale nozomi

Japanese shemale Nozomi returns to Shemale Japan and she’s definitely turning heads! I’m not sure why, but no matter what she’s wearing, she kind of looks like a dominatrix ready to control any available man. Just look at the seductive look in her eyes in the picture above, Nozomi is the kind of shemale who takes control of any situation.

With her beautiful feet, huge rock-hard cock and her cool looks, Nozomi is said to have no peers among all the new-half escorts in Osaka. She is an A-lister new-half!

Nozomi is an out-going, lively, caring and warm-hearted girl. She likes men who work hard and try their best to achieve their dreams. She prefers men with brains to men with muscles.

As `The Queen of Osaka`, this beauty has no intention to go to the capital Tokyo. `I feel at home here speaking with an Osaka accent, and life in a super-metropolis like Tokyo is just too tiring,` said Nozomi.

Japanese shemale NozomiJapanese newhalf Nozomi

Thursday, January 21st, 2010 | Author:

japanese shemale karinahorny newhalf karina

Japanese shemale Karina might look familiar to you because it’s actually Misaki with a name change!  She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan where women are well-known for their beautiful, highly desirable pale skin. No doubt she’s got her mother`s genes for her milky skin complexion.

Feel free to be mesmerized by her flawless 22 year young body – the full breasts, the curvy hip, and the beautifully tapered legs. Karina is a newhalf babe that Japan is eager to show off to the world.

japanese shemale karina