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Tuesday, January 05th, 2010 | Author:

Japanese newhalf Yuu showing her CockJapanese shemale Yuu Kakisaki

I am proud to present you Yuu Kakisaki on Shemale Japan, a 24 year old beauty, a super-hot show dancer from a famous show-pub in Shinjiuku, Tokyo.

This leggy girl has a dancer`s tight body, accented by a pair of big breasts and an amazingly curvy waist-line. She`s got that perfect combination of cuteness and glamour. Passable is an understatement for Yuu. She said she`d never been clocked even when hanging around Shinjiuku, the Newhalf Town. And to top all these, she`s got a cock that`s rock hard!
When she is not working, Yuu likes going to clubs, practicing her dance movements, and shopping around the trendy Harajiuku, Shibuya area.

Yuu values the quality of being reliable in men more than their appearances. She admitted that she is not wife material because she`d rather be pampered by many reliable men at the same time than being committed to just one.

Yuu loves sex. Her favorite ways of having sex include having the tip of her cock skillfully tongued, and cumming while riding the man on top.

japanese shemale yuu

Tuesday, November 03rd, 2009 | Author:

Japanese shemale SayakaJapanese shemale Sayaka and her big tits

Here is the return of my favorite busty newhalf, Japanese shemale Sayaka. I thought I’d never see this hottie again, but Hiro has brought her again for me (and you all) to drool all over her! Everything about Sayaka is larger than life–her plump tits, her big bush, and even bigger cock! Newhalf Sayaka needs a special kind of guy to take care of her. She needs a guy who can handle her larger than life hottness! Could that be you, why don’t you see on Shemale Japan!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 | Author:

Horny Newhalf MaiJapanese shemale Mai

Newhalf Mai is a new shemale on our site who I think will become very popular. She’s the perfect mix of sweetheart and sassy newhalf!  She’s shy, but I think she knows how hot she looks in that summer dress of hers. When she lifts it up, she reveals a short, fat she-cock in between a big, black bush! I can’t wait to see what else is next for this horny shemale!

Monday, October 05th, 2009 | Author:

Japanese Newhalf Usagi in OsakaJapanese Shemale  Usagi

I think our newest Japanese shemale will be one of the hottest stars of 2009. Usagi is stunning; half Japanese and half Filipino with long slender legs and a cock that won’t quit! This mix gives her an adorable face and curves in all the right places.

Usagi appreciates men who are not controlling and can fuck her good. She is not shy in denying her interests in having any SRS surgery, the reason being she definitely does “not want to lose a thing that feels as good as my cock”!

I can`t wait to see this newhalf t-babe shines on the world-wide stage! Check her out on Shemale Japan!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 | Author:

468x72.clips4sale.alexis 400x61 Serious Japanese Shemale Nana and her Serious Cock

Have you seen the Grooby Clips store? It’s your one stop-shop for your favorite clips. Wanna see Japanese shemale Yumika getting pounded by a horny guy? Well, check out the Grooby Clips Store and you can pick and choose with videos you want to view. I definitely recommend checking it out, we have other videos as well in case you’re looking for a bit of variety! Go to Clips4Sale now!

Japanese shemale Nana is a sexy newhalfJapanese shemale Nana

Sexy Japanese shemale Nana is special because she takes sex very seriously. She wants a guy who takes sex as seriously as she does and has a voracious sexual appetite.  When she has sex, it takes all her concentration and she has to have a partner who feels the same. When Nana has sex, she doesn’t want any distractions. She wants her guy to paying only attention to her and her throbbing cock. She wants her cock to pleasure her body as if it were the last thing he was going to do before he dies. Can you handle a horny newhalf like Nana?

Monday, August 24th, 2009 | Author:

School is back in session and honor student Yuko is here to discipline unruly students with her fat ruler sized cock! She’s completely willing to punish you too. Just get down on your knees and hold out your hands. Get ready for a slap!

I love seeing Yuko in this hot school girl outfit. She doesn’t even wear any panties! She just lifts up that skirt of hers and reveals that fat cock of hers.

Japanese shemale yukonewhalf yuko and glass dildo

Friday, August 21st, 2009 | Author:

In here latest set, Japanese shemale Hime Tsukino looks like a sweet and innocent girl playing outside (and showing a little cock) and then in this set, she’s wearing a skin tight dress with no panties.  Take a look at that little bush of hers too! She’s just yummy looking.

Want to see more of Hime or does a sassy newhalf like Kanon? Then join the Shemale Japan Forum–it’s free! Grooby photographer Hiro posts regularly and likes input about what kind of shemales he should feature! Just recently he asked what kind of costumes we’d like to see the girls wearing! Wanna contribute to the discussion! Sign up for the Shemale Japan forum now!

Japanese shemale HimeJapanese shemale Hime

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 | Author:

There is nothing hotter than a homely looking japanese shemale embracing her sexuality and dressing up!  Do you see the lovely round she-cock head peeking out from newhalf Miki Aikawa’s lingerie? It’s like it’s trying to come out and tell us hello! This is Miki’s third set on Shemale Japan and honestly my favorite one on the site. Finally we’re getting to see Miki’s sensual side! That beautiful cock head is just wanting to be let out to play! In this set she plays with herself then gets her favorite dildo to help her out!

japanese shemale miki aikawajapanese newhalf miki aikawa

Monday, July 13th, 2009 | Author:

The cosplay cutie, Kanato, returns to Shemale Japan as one of her many personas. This lavender haired seductress will lure you in with her innocent eyes, but do not be fooled! She could eat a guy like you for dinner. Like any great cosplay person, Japanese shemale Kanato becomes the character she chooses. One minute she’s a party girl with shades and next she’s a mysterious Japanese bombshell ready to pounce on you.

This 20 year old hottie loves dressing up, reading fantasy novels, and playing video games. Like most girls her age, she’s more fun than you could handle!

Japanese Shemale Kanato

kanato2hiro055-685x1024 Japanese Newhalf Kanato Loves Cosplay

Friday, July 10th, 2009 | Author:

Kanon returns to Shemale Japan and the K in her name reminds of her fat, kickstand dick. She loves to wrap her tiny fingers around it while the camera is on her and give it a quick squeeze. She also loves being topped by handsome men who love jacking her off while they fuck her. She has such long legs–I love that about her.  She looks tall for her tiny frame, but she doesn’t look fragile at all. Do you think she’d wrap her legs around you if you fucked her?  I think so.

Slender newhalf KanonHorny Japanese Shemale Kanon