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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 | Author:

There is nothing hotter than a homely looking japanese shemale embracing her sexuality and dressing up!  Do you see the lovely round she-cock head peeking out from newhalf Miki Aikawa’s lingerie? It’s like it’s trying to come out and tell us hello! This is Miki’s third set on Shemale Japan and honestly my favorite one on the site. Finally we’re getting to see Miki’s sensual side! That beautiful cock head is just wanting to be let out to play! In this set she plays with herself then gets her favorite dildo to help her out!

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Wednesday, August 05th, 2009 | Author:

I like all kinds of Japanese shemales. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a sassy newhalf with blonde hair and oversized tits, but sometimes I’m in the mood for someone more like Miki Aikawa, cute and shy. I like Miki because she looks like someone you might see in the grocery store or even on the subway.  You’d have no idea that she was a newhalf (or that she’d be kinky enough to rub a big dildo between her tits) if you saw her, but these pictures are proof of her wild side!!

Give her a warm welcome on Shemale Japan, since this is her first appearance here. Who knows what a bit of encouragement could do for her!

Japanese Newhalf Miki AikawaNewhalf Next Door Miki Aikawa