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Friday, April 03rd, 2009 | Author:

Japanese shemale Natsuki returns with legs spread and dick hanging out on Shemale Japan. Asian ladyboy Natsuki is a sex fiend from Chiba who works as an ‘Office Lady.’ Although her office frowns upon inter-office relations, it doesn’t stop Natsuki from fucking hot, young co-workers at every chance she gets.

Shemale Office Slut Natsuki Smoking a CigaretteJapanese newhalf Natsuki Showing Her Tits and She-Cock to the Camera

Friday, March 20th, 2009 | Author:

Marin makes her return to Shemale Japan with a big pair of new tits to welcome us all! With her slender teen body and soft tits, she looks great in her stockings and heels. Marin is only 19 and already one of the most popular girls on our site. She’s totally passable with her tapered legs and cute girlish looks. Her erect she-cock makes her perfect!

Horny Teen Shemale MarinJapanese Shemale Marin With Hot Grease All Over Her Sexy Body

Monday, March 16th, 2009 | Author:

I’d like to call today Spread Eagle Monday for the hot display of post-op pussy from Yumi’s latest set. She’s spreading her legs very wide on purpose so you can all get a good look at her new pussy lips! Sneaky, sneaky  Yumi!

If you aren’t familiar with Yumi, she’s the sexy post-op newhalf on Shemale Japan who works as a nurse and has been known to occasionally suck off a patient or two without them even knowing her secret! I want to stay at the hospital Yumi works at!

Post-Op Japanese Newhalf Yumi and Showing Off Her New Pussy Lips!Japanese Post-Op Shemale Yumi Masturbating her big Clit and Pussy Lips!

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 | Author:

Newhalf Ayaka is a brand new addition to Shemale Japan and as one of our taller t-girls at 5 foot 7 inches, she definitely has legs for days. She has smooth milk skin and a smooth slightly curved cock that’s always ready for attention. Eventually she wants to get SRS, but until then she’s vowed to use her cock as much as possible!

Slutty Shemale Ayaka with Long LegsSlutty Japanese Newhalf Ayaka

Monday, March 09th, 2009 | Author:

Post-op newhalf Yumi returns to Shemale Japan and she’s ready to do her part to help the community by providing free physicals to lucky guys. She’d like to do some thorough examinations of your penises, rock hard (of course), so she’s decided to wear lingerie under her uniform to help get you guys hard.

Yumi is just so helpful!

Slutty Post-Op Nurse YumiSlutty Japanese Nurse Yumi Showing Her Tight Ass-hole

Monday, March 02nd, 2009 | Author:

Tranny Newhalf Kaede returns to Shemale Japan today wearing a extra girly summer-y matching panty and bra. Kaede is known for her shy personality, but when she pulls up her stockings and strips down to her skivvies, she feels incredibly empowered.  She begins touching the noticeable bulge in her panties and then whips out her hard dick, letting her cock hang out. Swollen and aching to be touched, she tugs on her meat until she shoots out cum all over the bed.

Horny Japanese Tranny Slut KaedeHorny Japanese Shemale Kaede Showing her She-Pussy!

Friday, February 27th, 2009 | Author:

On Shemale Japan, we have a new post-op tranny named Yumi. Any time we get a new addition to the site, it’s a great treat, but this one is extra special. Yumi had SRS surgery about two years and has since gotten married and works as a full-time nurse. Nobody knows her secret and because she’s so passable!  Yumi admits she’s kind of slut and has sucked off some of her patients before. Although she loves her husband, she loves the feeling of having a different man’s cock in her tight, wet mouth.

Post-Op Tranny YumiPost Op Tranny Yumi

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 | Author:

Is it obvious that white is shemale Kirea’s favorite color? This tranny might embody everything pure, but she’s definitely no prude! In her latest set on Shemale Japan, she strokes her cock and black bush on the bed. She’s anxiously waiting for someone to fuck her and she just HAS to touch herself while she waits.

In her latest set, she’s wearing sexy white lingerie and garter belts.  She’s spreading her legs on the bed, exposed, and waiting for someone to rip off her clothes and fuck her! Only on Shemale Japan!

Tranny in White KireaShemale Slut Kirea

Monday, February 23rd, 2009 | Author:

Japanese shemale superstar Maria Tominaga returns to Shemale Japan as that slutty secretary you’ve always wanted to bang at the office. Unlike the secretary at the office, however, Maria Tominaga is accessible and has a beautiful cock that quickly rises to attention at the touch of her gentle hands.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009 | Author:

Kirea returns to Shemale Japan this time all in white! Like the classy shemale that she is, she’s wearing white stockings and a white 80’s prom dress. She’s definitely got some eccentric style! But beneath the crazy costume, there is a fat Japanese cock waiting to be sucked on.

Look at Kirea’s legs for days, those white stockings and slutty white heels. Although her costume screams pure, her personality doesn’t!  Her personality screams that she wants to be fucked!